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Some Useful Features of iOS9 Update

  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 22 September 2015 06:52
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It is that time again Apple fans. A new update is available for your iOS software, and far from being a quick fix to annoying bugs and glitches, iOS 9 contains some new features that will really improve user experience, for a handful of people at least.

  1. Find My Friends - Need to know where your Apple carrying friends are at all times? iOS 9 makes it even easier by adding ‘Find My Friends’ to the notification centre as a widget. Now you don’t even need to open the app in full, as locations will be made available just by swiping down from the top of your home screen. The app itself is nothing new, but be warned, to find your ‘friends’ you have to have your location available too. Friendly stalking goes two ways in Apple’s world.Web Freaks find my friend
  2. New Tools in Notes - ‘Notes’ now includes a ruler tool and numerous types of pen for a heightened sense of personalisation.web freaks notes
  3. Search Settings - Big fan of this one. Short of having a step by step guide of where to locate each individual setting in your pocket, the settings menu can be a maze at times. A new search bar removes this problem almost entirely, as you can now just type in what you are looking for, wait a moment, and hey presto if it is in settings and you’ve spelt it right it should appear.web freaks app switching
  4. Large iPad Folders - What’s the point in having the extra space of an iPad screen when none of it is utilised. That has changed with folders now featuring increased dimensions from three thumbnails across to four.web freaks iPad folders
  5. Optional Shake to Undo - At times Apple products can be ever so sensitive, and never is this more annoying than when you have typed out a long message only for a mistimed shake of the wrist to remove all your work. Shake to undo can now be switched on or off via settings. There are three simple steps, head to settings, click accessibility, and voila, a simple on off switch.web freaks shake
  6. Multiple Keyboards - Is caps lock on? Is it just on shift? No more will users have to guess. In the latest version of iOS, the keyboard will update between upper and lowercase to reflect whether or not you have successfully switched caps on. Before it solely displayed as upper.web freaks keyboard
  7. Selfie Folder - For those who simply cannot access their selfies quick enough life just got a lot easier. The new selfie folder means you can access just your favourite half-face pics without having to wade through file after file of pretty sunsets, or posh meals.web freaks album
  8. Quick Reply - Previously only ‘Messenger’ was afforded the ability to quickly bash out a response without accessing the full app and keyboard, but in iOS 9 third party developers can now include this feature in their apps too.web freaks reply fast
  9. Updated Health App - Maybe not an update every iPhone user was crying out for, but useful nonetheless. If you open the ‘Health’ app there is a new reproductive health folder, in which you can keep on top of all the key dates, activities, and “Cervical Mucus Quality” from your sex life.web freaks health
  10. iCloud Drive - A simple answer to a simple problem. Previously files created on different Apple devices were not easily found unless on the original device. Now the iCloud Drive app places all files in one central location just a finger tap away.web freaks iCloud
  11. Battery Usage - If you are sick of entering ‘plane mode’ to preserve pressure dregs of battery power this is likely the improvement for you. Enter settings then battery and see what is draining your phone, and enter new power saving “Low Power Mode”.web freaks low power
  12. Enhanced Reader Experience - Within ‘Safari’ you can now change fonts, backgrounds, and colours to enhance your ‘Reader’ experience beyond just increasing text size.web freaks change fonts
  13. Simple App Switching - If you add up all the milliseconds lost to opening a message whilst already in an app, then hitting the home button and re-accessing the app it may not be an earth shattering period of time, but Apple are giving you that time back at least. Now there is a a ‘back to’ button included in the top left corner of the screen for when you have left an app to read or write a message.web freaks app switching


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