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ppc landing page cost effectivePay-per-click (PPC) is an excellent online search marketing solution to quickly improve your company website presence within search results.

PPC adverts normally appear as the top 3 listings above the organic listings and down the right hand side of the page on search engines.

PPC provides instant presence within your selected search engines and makes a good alternative to search engine optimisation (SEO) if you find your SEO organic rankings are taking a while to develop.

We believe that PPC advertising can help your business succeed. However, you might not have the time or resources to devote to building and regularly maintaining a successful account. Or maybe you’d just like some help optimising from an expert.

For more information on why advertisers choose to use a third party to manage their Google AdWords campaign read the Google Advertiser guide: working with third parties.

Web Freaks will analyse your business and use our specialist skills to provide the conversions and return on investment that you deserve. We also use a specialist reporting suite that allows us to provide detailed monthly reporting on campaign performance.

Web Freaks PPC management service includes:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Campaign creation
  3. Ad group creation
  4. Writing adverts and selecting landing pages
  5. Configuring keyword bids, known as Cost Per Click (CPC)
  6. Configuring advanced aspects such as position preference
  7. Configuration of analytics and conversion tracking for conversion rate optimisation
  8. Automated monthly reporting and on-going optimisation (PPC management)

PPC and Display Advertising: How should you balance your budget?

You’re in safe hands with Web Freaks. If, like many businesses, you choose to combine your PPC and Display campaigns, we’ll learn all we can about your business to make sure your budget is well balanced.

Reasons to balance your budget toward PPC Reasons to balance your budget toward Display Advertising 
1. If you have a brand new website, PPC is great for getting your business on the map from the start and giving it a boost in traffic. 1. If you offer a seasonal product or service. Such as florists near Valentine’s Day, Display Advertising will give your business a competitive edge.
2. If you offer ‘low consideration’ purchases, people are more likely to contact you through Google and make a purchase right away. 2. If your products or services aren’t well known or searched for,Display Advertising is a great way to raise awareness.
3. If you fulfil an immediate need, such as transport or food, people won’t research too much before buying and will act fast upon seeing your business on Google. 3. If you offer ‘high consideration’ purchases that people are likely to have to think about and save up for, Display Advertising will keep your business on their radar.


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